Faux Fish- A Fun Fish Bowl Project for You and the Kids

January 30, 2014 by
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Fish Bowl Kids Project

Zooquarium Fish Bowls are the perfect fun and colorful Betta fish tanks for kids. However, we understand how hard it can be keep a fish in the home with a child. You may have fear that it will get knocked over, or the sadness that comes along with losing a pet. Here is a fun floating faux fish project to do with your kids, and a safe way to keep your Zooquarium in your child’s room.

Floating Faux Fish

You Will Need:

Paper and pencil
Thin plastic (we used old food containers)
Permanent markers
Needle and thread
Glass beads
Bubble wrap
Fishbowl or tank
Stones and shells

Step 1
Sketch a few fish shapes on paper, then lay the thin plastic on top. Trace the drawings with black permanent marker.

Step 2
When the ink is dry, cut out the fish. The plastic is prone to splitting during cutting, so keep the shapes simple.

Step 3
Color in the other side of the plastic fish with permanent markers. (Coloring on the side with the black outline will smear the ink.) Let the ink dry.

Step 4
Pull the needle and thread through a bead, then through a fish’s mouth. Remove the needle and tie the thread ends together in a loop that’s 1 1/2 to 5 inches from bead to fish. Repeat for the other fish.

Step 5
Cut strips of bubbles from the bubble wrap, taking care to keep the bubbles intact. Sew a strip to the top of each fish’s mouth. Fill the fishbowl with water, then add your fish. Cover the bottom of the bowl with more beads, and stones and shells.


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