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The Refined Fin is a brand for fish bowl products for its parent company, RefinedKind Pet Products. The Refined Fin, along with its sister brands The Refined Feline and The Refined Canine, is committed to producing products both pets and their owners love. Zooquariums fish bowls are an example of this commitment, with designs that are fun and colors that are modern. They'll look great in a children's room, living room, or office.

Recognizing a need for cat products that were aesthetic as well as functional, we started our first brand, The Refined Feline, in 2004. A couple years later, The Refined Canine was born, offering a line of beautiful outdoor dog beds. Our expansion continued in 2012 as we began to develop our line of Betta fish bowls under the brand The Refined Fin. Finally launched in 2013, our Zooquariums tanks were recognized by the American Pet Products Association and the World Pet Association as one of the best new products of 2013.

GPE aquatics award          SuperZoo Aquatics Award






The Refined Fin and Zooquariums are registered trademarks of RefinedKind Pet Products

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